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Multi-layered Service Orchestration in a Multi-Domain Network Environment


In this demo, we show a novel method to multi-layer service orchestration in a multi-domain network. This method is a basic implementation of the three layered concept with multi-layer orchestration designed by the UNIFY project. A global orchestrator is capable of instantiating service elements, i.e., virtual network functions (VNFs), in separate domains. Dedicated local orchestrators in different infrastructure domains are responsible for setting up new VNF instances and configuring the underlying network. Our implementation is based on the ESCAPE prototyping framework and an OpenStack (OS) data center with the OpenDaylight (ODL) controller.

A screencast showing the main features of the framework can be seen here. (Subtitles should be enabled.)

A screencast showing the demo.


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Balázs Sonkoly <sonkoly@tmit.bme.hu>

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