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Sharing Networking Research Results with OpenFlow and Mininet in a few Easy Steps


The OpenFlow protocol is becoming an important enabler of network innovation by decoupling the control and data planes. Researchers can experiment with new network capabilities and management functions on high performance OpenFlow switches in real operating conditions. OpenFlow, however, is also useful not just to those researchers that work in the field of Software Defined Networking but to anybody doing research on computer networks or telecommunication. On the one hand, this new paradigm brings us rapid prototyping. On the other hand, using Mininet for OpenFlow development results in ready-to-share implementations.

The presentation first gives a primer to OpenFlow basics, then as an example it walks through the implementation details of extending an OpenFlow software switch with a simple Network Coding forwarding mechanism. The work consists of three main parts: extending the OpenFlow protocol, extending the switch's forwarding mechanism, and extending Mininet. In the end we will see how these simple steps leads to a downloadable virtual machine disk image that fellow researchers can experiment with.


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