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OpenFlow Main Page

OpenFlow main page:

Openflow switch specification: File:Openflow-spec-v1.0.0.pdf

Bloom filter reference switch code: File:Switch-flow.tar.gz

Greedy routing switch test documentation (Hungarian): File:Switch test.pdf

Howto for logging with VLOG to the switch logfile (s1-ofd.log):

In case you want logging in a source file (eg. table-linear.c) where logging is not enabled by default you have to insert the following lines under the include section in the given source file:

#define THIS_MODULE VLM_<module name you wish for file>

#include "vlog.h"

Then edit ~/openflow/lib/vlog-modules.def, adding the name of your module to the list (without the VLM_)

After this run make & make install to recompile the switch. If you have done all of the above you should be able to log now by using the VLOG_INFO() macro just like you would use the printf function.

Start Openflow reference switch and connect to a NOX controller:

  • ./udatapath/ofdatapath -d <12 hexadecimal digits and may not be all-zero> -i <interface0>,<interface1> punix:/tmp/<switch_name> 
    (if you receive an error that the current interface assigned an IPv6 address, then down this)
  • ./secchan/ofprotocol unix:/tmp/<switch_name> tcp:<controller_IP_address>:<controller_port>

Another way to start Openflow reference switch and connect to a NOX controller

Greedy implementation in the reference switch code by Adam Stipkovits: Media:greedy_refswitch_code.tar

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