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OpenFlow Main Page

OpenvSwitch main page:

Start OpenVSwitch and connect to a NOX controller:

Firstly, verify that the openvswitch kernel module is loaded and the bridge kernel module is not:

  • lsmod

If it is not loaded then use this command:

  • insmod ./datapath/linux-2.6/openvswitch_mod.ko

If the bride is loaded:

  • rmmod bridge, then load the openvswitch module


  • ./utilities/ovs-dpctl add-dp <switch_name>
  • ./utilities/ovs-dpctl add-if <switch_name> <interface0> <interface1> (Interfaces what you want to assign to the switch)
  • ./utilities/ovs-openflowd --datapath-id=<16 hexadecimal digits and may not be all-zero> <switch_name> tcp:<nox_controller_ip_addr>

More details:

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