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Resource Allocation Algorithm for Distributed Cloud Environments

Technical report on DARK algorithm

Making OpenStack a Network-Aware Orchestrator

Today's most widely used Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) is OpenStack, which is responsible for managing compute, storage and virtual network resources. As the current scheduler of OpenStack does not take into account the underlying physical network characteristics, in order to deploy network services (NS) in a geographically distributed infrastructure, multiple VIMs, and an NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) on top of them, are necessary for resource management. In contrast to this current setup, we show a novel solution that merges the functionality of VIM and NFVO under one common OpenStack domain: our solution is capable of

i) measuring the bandwidth and delay characteristics of the underlying physical network among compute nodes,

ii) creating a topology model that contains both compute-, and network-related features,

iii) mapping the incoming services, and re-mapping already deployed ones to the underlying resources with our novel orchestration algorithm,

iv) deploying and migrating services via OpenStack API calls.

INFOCOM'19 demo proposal

A screencast showcasing our demo proposal is available on YouTube.
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