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SDN/NFV & OpenFlow Group at HSN Lab

We are a research group in High Speed Networks Laboratory (HSNLab) hosted by the Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics (TMIT) at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). We have been working on several topics related to OpenFlow since the launch of the protocol. Our recent and current members are full-time researchers, Ph.D. students, graduate and undergraduate students (M.Sc. and B.Sc.). This site is dedicated to summarize the research and education activities of the group.



Balázs Sonkoly Ph.D. researcher email
András Gulyás Ph.D. researcher email
Felicián Németh, researcher email
Levente Csikor, Ph.D. candidate email

János Czentye, Ph.D. student email
Balázs Németh, M.Sc. student
Gábor Vaszkun Ph.D. student
István Pelle, Ph.D. student

Former members:
Attila Csoma, Ph.D. student
Márton Csernai Ph.D. student
Krisztián Kurucz M.Sc. student
Ádám Stipkovits M.Sc. student
Barnabás Novák M.Sc. student


Research goals

The interest of our group is twofold. On the one hand, we do theoretical and applied routing/forwarding research especially in the areas of

  • inter-domain policy routing,
  • Bloom filters,
  • greedy and geographical routing,
  • network coding and
  • data center routing.

Beside research activities, we usually create working prototypes for our routing designs, as well. We would also kindly participate in running any kind of experiments in large scale OpenFlow testbeds.

On the other hand, we are interested in

  • network virtualization based on OpenFlow and the
  • design and implementation of a management architecture/framework for OpenFlow domain.

Publications and activities

Our recent publications are collected in the following page:

For the details of our recent demos, see:

We have organized a Tutorial and Demo session in EUNICE 2012, 18th EUNICE Conference on Information and Communications Technologies. The corresponding materials can be found here.

We have participated in OpenLab: extending FIRE testbeds and tools FP7 project working on ALLEGRA: Large-scale experiments on geo-location aware greedy routing architecture.

We are currently participating in UNIFY: Unifying Cloud and Carrier Networks FP7 project.


We are working with graduate and undergraduate students in several areas. On the one hand, we have project works on OpenFlow topics for students regarding prototype implementations, testbed experiments and theoretical aspects, as well. On the other hand, different laboratory works are integrated to labs of specializations conducted by our department, and a dedicated course on Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow is coming soon.

For details, see dedicated pages:

Education activities on OpenFlow

Active topics

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